The Lannings - Signing Southern Gospel

The Lannings, from Phoenix, AZ., have been singing southern gospel music as a family since 1995. Although the family has been singing for only a short period of time, Jim and Christine are no strangers to the ministry of music.

 Jim has served in several churches as minister of music and was the Director of Music at Southwestern Conservative Baptist Bible College in Phoenix for 17 years. Jim is also known for his personal performances on the trumpet and flugal horn. 

 Together, with his wife Christine (who is also a ventriloquist), they have captivated their audience with a special family oriented ministry. Now, along with the talents of their children, they have developed a gospel style of singing with beautiful family harmonies.
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The Lannings have performed concerts in a variety of locations such as; churches, camps, state fairs, amusement parks, camp meetings, conferences, picnics and......race tracks.  Jim is the Motor Racing Outreach chaplain (Click here to visit the site) to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.
Traveling the race circuit with professional race car drivers and their crews, Jim provides a much-needed ministry. Through Bible studies, counseling, one-on-one discipleship, conferences, children's ministry and chapel services.  Jim and his family find themselves very much at home using their talents for the Lord amongst this racing community. Click on the picture to go to visit the Motor Racing Outreach site!!!



Jim and Christine have been married since 1972. Joshua (34), is serving the Lord as a minister of music and school teacher in Yuma, AZ. Charity (31), who use to sing with the Lannings works in the food service business in Phoenix, AZ. Their two daughters that travel with them are, 

       Precious,                          and Patience. 

Patience (26) is a part-time college student and Precious (28) is their daughter that was handicapped through a drowning accident at the age of one. It is a miracle she is alive and doing quite well to this day.

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The music of the Lannings is sung as a mixed trio, Jim, Christine, and Patience. Many of their songs are written and composed by Jim Lanning. Christine's puppets are always a joy for young and old alike. Jim is an accomplishedacomplished trumpet soloist and plays arrangements of some of your favorite hymns. Put them altogether and you get a great family that love to serve the Lord through southern gospel music.

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