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~~ MARKED D.O.A. ~~
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Book By Christine Lanning

Held by Angels!

Just a week before my baby's first birthday, she drowned. She was marked D.O.A., yet was hooked up to machines. But I believe God's Angels held her all that time. At the hospital, we were told to go home, that there was nothing we could do.

On the days, and what turned into months and years to come, with notebook in hand, I began to write. I wrote down what the Doctor's and workers told me, and the details of daily life, first in the Hospital, then at home. Instead of writing of our shattered lives of what could've been, I began to write what was happening on the new road that lay before us; of the difficulties and triumphs we faced.

Before long, when the Doctors realized she was going to live, although not knowing how long she may live, we were told on her first birthday that she would be a vegetable and that, if we put her into a special facility, they would understand. We chose to take her home. Not only did we choose to take her home, but to learn how to take care of her....she is now 29 years old (2011).

Throughout her life, everywhere she goes, people love her. In restaurants she would walk up to people in wheelchairs and talk to them, saying 'God Bless' to everyone. When she was little, without any hesitation, with what little sign language she learned in Special Ed at school, she would walk up to deaf people and communicate with them.

Our family sings Southern Gospel throughout America, and since she feels she can't sing very well, she chose to take sign language courses and now signs one of our songs in our concerts. She is amazing! With poor balance, which brings bad knees, she rides her scooter around. She also rides it in the NASCAR (what used to be called, Craftsman, now called, the Camping World Truck Series) pit area, since her dad's their Chaplain. Everyone there knows and loves her. And, I think, as you read the book, you will fall in love with her, too.

Another interesting fact, the names of our four children are: Joshua, Charity, Patience but this girls name....her name is Precious! Some think it to be a nick-name, but it is her birth name. And everyone knows Precious is precious!

I wrote Precious's story in this book. I would love for you to read this book, and hopefully, it will encourage you and others in whatever road you are on. God can do Miracles and she is a Miracle!

Oh, back when she was still coming out of the coma, I saw a look in her eyes that was different than anyone else. And, I knew! I knew she had been with Angels!

Thank you!!!!..from Christine Lanning.

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