The Lannings - Signing Southern Gospel


Precious was 1 yr. old when she drowned, yet lived.

September 10, 1987 When Precious was 6 years old.

By Christine Lanning

My ďSpecialĒ Little Girl

Perhaps someday Iíll have the time

To listen to the morning birds

But, this morning, Iíll lovingly hold

My six year oldís frail, tiny hand,

Carry her on the school bus

And send her off with prayer.

Perhaps someday, Iíll enjoy

A nice, clean dinner table

With no spills or mess

But, today, Iíll mop up

My little girls spilled milk,

Wipe her face and kiss her cheek

Sending up a prayer to God

For this Precious Angel

Heís put within our care.

Perhaps someday, Iíll enjoy

The lovely Phoenix sunset,

But tonight, Iíll brush

My little girls teeth, put her diapers on,

And tuck her into bed with a prayer.

And so for now, no calm morning,

Clean dinner table, nor lovely sunset,

Could ever take her place!

By Christine Lanning

September 10, 1987 By Christine Lanning

My Baby Fell Again, Today

Sunday, my baby lost her balance

Fell, and scraped her face,

Forgot to put her hands out;

The dear one

Forgot to put her hands out.

My baby fell again, today

She hurt her head at school.

It looks real bad

But not too bad,

It could be far more worse.

My babyís six years old this year.

She came to me tonight

In diapers and a night shirt,

She cried,

ďCanít seep Ma-ma, canít seep.Ē

Then back to bed

She staggered and soon

Will fall asleep.

She may awake and cry aloud,

But Iíll be there to comfort,

Pat her tiny back and say,

ďItís all right my darling, Ma-maís

Here nowóand Jesus never left.Ē

By Christine Lanning

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